Zone Fitness

What is ZONE'57?

ZONE'57 is a boutique fitness studio where technology, science and energy come together to create exhilarating fitness experiences, designed to help you find your peak performance capability and achieve peak fitness.
Expect to be challenged, motivated and workout with like-minded people, and find yourself coming back for more.

What is F-series? What classes are included in F-series?

F- Series are our best-in-class group personal training workouts, designed to offer the expertise of personal training and the energy and excitement of a group fitness class. At ZONE57, we bring to you a variety of effective and exciting workouts, which integrate state of art equipment, trainer expertise and a motivating environment to ensure super-fast results while being awesomely entertaining.

FIIT, FAST and FLOW are our core workouts. Along with this we have included some of our popular workouts like FCYL, FTRX and our Personal Training (F101). Here's a brief description of the workouts:-


FIIT is the 45minute High Intensity Interval Training workout that integrates speed, stamina, strength and power to enhance your physical performance and maximize fat burn.

(HOW: It is a functional training class with a variety of fast paced, multi-directional movements and athletic drills designed to maximize peak performance)


Class intro- FAST is the metabolism boosting workout that challenges your fitness, and transforms your body through increased calorie burn, not just during but also after every workout.

(HOW: Intense activity during the class causes more oxygen consumption as compared to slower, steadier exercise (EPOC – Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), thus boosting even post exercise metabolism.


Class intro- FLOW is a performance-enhancing workout that uses the concepts of SMR, flexibility and muscle activation to release, rehabilitate, and mobilize the body, to improve posture, minimize injury and maximize movement.

(HOW: It helps to improve your body's mobility, stability and flexibility via self myofascial release (foam rolling) techniques and stretches along with muscle activation drills.)


FCYL is the 45-minute, high energy, spin class that gets you fitter, stronger and faster by challenging you with extreme terrain- climbs and sprints to the rhythm of powerful music.


FTRX is the all-core workout that strengthens and chisels your core as you work against gravity, with our TRX suspension trainer.

How FIIT, FAST and FLOW work together.

Peak fitness is a combination of strength, endurance, speed and power. It is also a function of how well the body moves and how fast the body recovers. FIIT, FAST and FLOW are designed to work individually and together to help you move better, get stronger and last longer. Achieve peak performance in every workout, and then recover quickly to do it all over again.

Would these classes help me burn belly fat?

Yes, it will. All our workouts are designed around the principles of HIIT and functional training. Through functional training you will improve muscle metabolism and burn more fat. HIIT ensures that you burn calories not just during the workouts but also after it. We call it the after-burn or EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) effect.

For best results, try at least 4-6 classes focusing on a range of classes and not just one program.

I have knee or back pain, but I want to get fitter. Can I still attend these classes?

If have a go-ahead from a doctor, you can attend all our classes at a modified intensity. You should including at least one FLOW class for Myo Fascial Release and muscle activation. This doesn’t just reduce the chances of incurring injuries or worsening an existing injury, but also ensures injury prevention in the future.

Will ZONE'57 classes help me get stronger?

Yes. ZONE'57 workouts are designed around scientifically proven workout techniques, and the instructors who deliver these classes are trained extensively to help you achieve your personal best during every workout. From building strength and endurance to gaining speed and movement, you will find yourself moving towards your peak functional fitness at ZONE57.

I’ve never worked out before. Can I still attend a ZONE'57 workout?

Anyone can participate in a ZONE'57 workout. Whether you've been working out for years or are just starting out, you're welcome to sweat it out with us. Sometimes, being new to fitness can be an advantage, since you can learn proper techniques and form the first time around, instead of having to break bad habits like more seasoned gym-goers.

Our instructors are trained and adept at providing both easier variations as well as progressive options by just observing your form or facial expressions.

Your classes involve weights; will I get big and bulky by attending ZONE'57 workouts?

Simply, NO.

Sorry to break the myth, but you lift all the time- a tray full of food, big shopping bags, your children or your handbags. Why aren’t you totally jacked? Women have only one tenth of the testosterone that men have. So even if you want to look like a body-builder, you wouldn’t be able to unless you followed a very specific diet that included loads of protein and additional supplements.

At ZONE'57, our workouts are functional. Which means they are designed to help you move better, get stronger and faster, to build lean muscle and burn fat, NOT to make you bulky and big.

Will your cycling class make my thighs bigger?

No, it won’t. Big thighs are a result of thicker muscle fibres developing. This only happens when your ride has a heavy load, time under tension, and is also a function of your genetics. FCYL is a 45 minute program which focuses on power over a longer duration-thicker fibers can’t sustain this type or duration of activity, and therefore you cannot and will not develop bigger thighs by doing an FCYL workout.

However, your leg muscles will definitely get chiseled with FCYL.

What is MYZONE?

MYZONE is a group heart rate tracking wearable providing you with feedback based on heart rate zones and effort. Get group fitness tracking today.

Do I have to wear a MYZONE heart rate monitor?

To experience the full ZONE effect of the workout, yes, but it’s not mandatory and you can still have a great workout without it.

I am already a member of a gym and still have many months of membership pending there. Should I still come over and try ZONE'57 sessions?

We understand that you are serious about your health and fitness, so you are most likely already a member of a gym. This is the very reason why we have a flexible pay-per-class option, so you can attend any of the ZONE'57 sessions you want, while continuing your regular membership.

Our sessions are technically advanced and research oriented to ensure that you get results in the minimum possible time. To top it up, we train our instructors to ensure an exciting fitness experience. Even 2-3 classes a week along with your existing membership will accelerate your results many folds. Once your membership at the other gym ends, you can experience ZONE'57 more frequently to get maximum benefits from your workout.

Can I just show up for a session without booking online?

No, to ensure you get a slot and have the best experience, we require that you book your session in advance.

While you can take a chance and reserve classes on the spot, our peak time slots and classes conducted by our popular instructors tend to fill up in advance. To ensure you get the bike/ Skillmill/ TRX you want in the classes you want to take, we recommend scheduling your workouts in advance.

How much in advance should I book?

We recommend that you book 12-24 hours in advance to ensure you get the slot you want.

Is there a penalty for cancelling a session?

You must cancel at least 6 hours before your scheduled session in order to avoid a penalty. If you cancel within 6 hours from the class start time, you will forfeit that session.

You can cancel a class by logging into your account at www.zonefitness.in.

Will the instructors be tough on me?

Our instructors aren’t drill sergeants. They’re passionate, enthusiastic and full of energy, and you’ll see that in their coaching and hear it in the volume of their instructions. But they’re there to encourage you and show you proper form and technique. The only time our instructors will yell is to cheer you on while you go for your personal best or motivate you to push harder.

What should I eat before a session?

Depending on your fitness goals, try a protein or a healthy fat such as a hard-boiled egg, raisins, or a banana with almond butter. Be sure to hydrate!

Listen to your body! You know better than anyone how your body functions best.

What should I eat after the workout?

You WILL be hungry after your session

Once again, slow carbs, healthy fats and protein are the way to go! For your convenience, we have a jam jar at ZONE'57 where you get options for healthy post workout nutrition, with optimum amount of protein, fats, and have no processed ingredients!

Is personal training for me?

A Personal Trainer is for anyone looking for accelerated results. A PT is someone who’ll motivate you into the best shape of your life. ZONE57 offers F101 and here’s how it works:-

Our F101 trainer will consult with you about your lifestyle and goals, run diagnostics on your body, give you a tailored training programme, teach you proper technique and then hold your feet to the fire until you’re in the shape you want to be. After putting you through your paces in the ZONE, he/she will create a tailor-made training plan for you.

A combination of F-Series workouts and F101 will work wonders to help you achieve your fitness goals in the coolest manner possible.

Is there any specific class that I need to start with before taking up ZONE57 classes?

Due to our unique training style, classes are suitable for all fitness levels. We would give you a lot of progressive and easier variations to ensure that you work to the best of your capabilities in the safest and the most effective manner possible.

What should I carry to class?

Workout attire and sneakers-wear what you will be comfortable moving around in. Expect to sweat! Carry a towel and water bottle along. Leave your mobile phones in your bag/lockers.

Do you have locker rooms?

We have day use lockers and are equipped with a men’s and women’s shower room as you might need to freshen up after your workout.

Do you offer monthly/quartlerly/annual membership?

There are no formal commitments when signing up for ZONE'57 workouts. We have flexible membership options to enable you to pay only for what you use. At ZONE'57 you are always welcome to drop in!

Does my class package expire?

All class packages expire as per the validity terms and condition mentioned on your contract 

Is this like Crossfit?

No. Although we utilize a lot of the same equipment and the exercises may seem similar, our F-Series Programs are constantly varied.

CrossFit is a high intensity/HIGH impact workout and ZONE'57 is a high intensity/LOW impact workout. We offer more variety in equipment and exercises, and a more awesome ambience as compared to other workouts. There is no heavy weightlifting in our classes, which greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Can I come late?

At ZONE'57, we have a very strict 5 minute lateness policy – if you are more than 5 minutes late to class, we cannot admit you (even if you call ahead) and you will be late cancelled/charged a class. This is out of courtesy to other class participants, as well as for your own personal safety. In addition, after 5 minutes we will give up your spot to anyone on the wait list.

Why ZONE'57?

Glad you asked! At ZONE'57 we combine technology, science and energy to make you achieve your fitness goal:-

  • EXPERTISE: ZONE'57 has best-in-class technology, and highly skilled trainers to support, motivate and entertain you to get into the best shape of your life. Our instructors are rock-stars, and you’ll always be in good hands with them.
  • EFFECTIVENESS: Our F-Series workouts will enable you to move better and faster, get stronger and last longer. They are designed to help you achieve your personal best during every workout and continue to reap the benefits even after the workout.
  • EXHILARATION- Motivation, energy and our night club ambience will ensure that you always have the best workout experience and keep coming back for more.